The FarmTree Tool

The FarmTree Tool is a software-based model with an online interface meant to enable land users and landscape stakeholders to design agroforestry systems, and project their performance in terms of production, financial, and agro-ecological indicators. 

The FarmTree Tool combines site-specific farmer, plot, climate, soil and species data into a plot scenario, and generates projections for a desired period of time. 

The tool be accessed by anyone for free with a FarmTree®Tool Demo account and a pre-set dataset. Licensed clients also receive a tailor-made dataset with the species and inputs relevant to their region, calibrated with local data upon request. 

The Tool is under constant development of new functionalities and indicators to support different land users in their objectives. 

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FarmTree Tool Indicators

+90 key performance indicators directly linking to SGD goals

brown tree trunk on brown soil


Plot cover by species


Water balance

NPK stock


Growth limiting factors

assorted fruits at the market


Fresh and Dry yields

Fresh and Dry yields per product category

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Revenue by species

Input costs


Annual and cumulative balances

Balance per labour day

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Labour by gender

Labour by component

green trees on brown soil


Biomass accumulation

CO2e stock

Carbon Removal Units (CRUs)

CO2e revenue by species

The FarmTree Model

Agroforestry plot model 

The FarmTree Model is divided into different sub-models interconnected to each other which simulate the different dynamics in the agro-system (soil model, nutrient model, water model, vegetation layer cover model, growth constrains model, biomass production model, carbon model and economic model).

Several datasets are combines (tool user input data, site-specific climate and soil data, and tree/crop biophysical variables) to generate the desired plot projections indicators. 

Download the FarmTree Model Methodology

FarmTree landscape model

We aggregate plot projections from different scenarios to generate landscape-level impact assessment. 

The landscape model allows to compare the combined performance of Business-as-Usual (BAU) plots versus alternative investment scenarios, such as agroforestry, to estimate total Project impact. 

Components of Agroforestry Systems (CAFS) Database

FarmTree database consists of +300 agroforestry systems' components (perennial and annual species and inputs) defined by their most characteristic biophysical variables. With a FarmTree license you can access a certain number of the agroforestry system component records, and additionally you can request to calibrate them using your own local data. The species and inputs can then be mixed and matched in endless combinations in the tool, by adjusting: 

  • density and time of species planting 

  • amounts and timing of input application

  • plot management practices (thinning, pruning, irrigation, other costs and inputs, etc.)