FarmTree Tool licenses to suit your ne​eds

Whether you're starting with agro-forestry modelling in your project or choosing new tool features for your team, we've got you covered.

Demo Tool


All available performance indicators for:

  • Carbon
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • 11 demo species (annual and perennial) +2 demo inputs (chosen from all available for that region)
  • -
  • -

Focus Tool


One of the 3 performance indicator packages:  

  • Carbon
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Up to 10 species (annual and perennial) +2 inputs (chosen from all available for that region)
  • 2 X 15min support
  • Tool add-ons available!

Premium Tool


All 3 performance indicator packages: 

  • Carbon
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Up to 15 species (annual and perennial) +5 inputs (chosen from all available for that region)
  • 2 x 60min online live training
  • Tool add-ons available!

FarmTree Tool add-ons

Upgrade your package with one or more of the following add-ons

Tool add-ons

  • Add new species or inputs
  • Calibration of species or inputs (with quality data provided by the client)
  • Access to all available region data: climates, species, inputs (depending on data availability)
  • Model upgrade (new indicators, case-by-case)
  • Tool customization (e.g. watershed tool, cocoa tool, etc.)

Prices depend on assignment size and other factors

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Additional services

FarmTree offers additional services to support Tool users with quantitative projection of agroforestry system performance at any scale.
person holding brown dried plant

Field data collection

Any projection of agroforestry systems starts with the collection of data on species' performance as a monocrop and in agroforestry at the location of interest, as well as production costs and local prices of products. At FarmTree, we carry out data collection with partners through field visits, and integrate it in the tool to reflect context-specific performance.

Agro-system capturing

The FarmTree Tool allows to capture different agricultural systems to compare their performance. We use the Tool interface to design scenarios so we can for example compare: 

  • Monocrops, +shade trees, +fruit trees, in different compositions and intensities
  • Project technical and marketing capacity building impact on plot performance
  • Current, medium and intensive climate change scenarios

Each scenario leads to a plot projection with agro-ecological, economic, social and carbon indicators

brown wicker basket and green-leafed tree during daytime

Reporting on selected performance indicator(s)

Once agro-system scenarios are captured in the Tool, each scenario leads to a plot projection with different performance on environmental (carbon, erosion), social (labour) and financial (investments, cash flows, break-even point) indicators. We report these differences in performance indicators between monocrop versus several agroforestry systems, or between any scenario defined. 

Landscape level impact assessment

FarmTree Tool can also be used to estimate the future impact of or landscape restoration projects. For this we require some project information, such as:

  • Project intervention Land Cover Classes
  • Baseline, Business-As-Usual, and +Project scenarios
  • Location and Scale by which interventions take place

This allows us to calculate project impact prior project implementation

Large scale project proposal budget preparations (e.g. GCF)

Project ex-ante impact assessments are a crucial annex to large landscape restoration project proposals. In that case FarmTree provides services as part of a larger project formulation team. Alternatively, FarmTree guides team members or provides them with the required agroforestry projections.

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Tool Training

FarmTree produces training materials (clips, manuals, documentation) as well as online or live training on data collection and scenario projection protocols; particularly to partners with a subscription to one of the available tools.