FarmTree Tool Instructional Videos​

Create an Account

How to create a FarmTree Tool Demo account

FarmTree Tool Interface

Key tool features and functionalities to design a scenario

Production Potential

How to examine the production potential of plant species based on growth limiting factors

Planting Density

How to adjust species' planting densities in intercropping scenarios and their effect on cover

Biomass and Carbon

Understanding projections on biomass production and how they relate to carbon sequestration 


Understanding the effect of land use on biodiversity

Climate projections

How to link your scenario to site-specific climate data and explore the impact of climate change


How to explore the effect of tree planting on water inflows and outflows from the soil layers


How to define key settings (prices, costs, labour) and review their impact on the financial projections


How to simulate irrigation application and review its effect on the water requirements of species