The FarmTree® Tool
quantifies and projects 
agro-forestry systems

Carbon sequestration

FarmTree Tool licences and services​​


A set of widely known species that allows exploring tool's functionalities.

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A perfect fit for those looking for projections of a specific performance indicator

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For experts assessing multiple indicators 
(a.o. economic, environmental, social) 

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Extra tool features:  a.o. species calibration, tool customization, new indicators

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Consultancy in: a.o. EFA, landscape level impact assessments, data collection

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FarmTree® Tool has been used to project land use performance by multiple world-known organizations

Our Track Record

red round fruits on green leaves

Advancing agroforestry for smallholder coffee farmers in Ethiopia

Kyeema Foundation

In the Ethiopian coffee system, the FarmTree Tool is proving useful in supporting the adoption and scaling of agroforestry practices, with a focus on enhancing farmers' income and biodiversity. With collaboration from Kyeema Foundation and Moyee, a Dutch coffee company, the project is working on extending to benefit multiple coffee areas. 

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Carbon sequestration for Rabobank ACORN

Acorn Rabobank
Asia, Africa and Latin America

​The Rabobank Acorn project requires single-species carbon sequestration projections for smallholder agroforestry business case development. FarmTree developed a protocol to project the biomass of individual species - even if they are poorly documented - and calibrate those with field-verified data by Acorn partners. 

Watershed reforestation in Morogoro, Tanzania

NWB Fonds

For the conservation and restoration of the Mindu dam catchment in Morogoro, Tanzania, agroforestry has been identified as an important nature-based solution. The NWB Fonds Watershed Reforestation Tool, powered by the FarmTree tool, is being used for decision support to identify agroforestry options and to catalyse climate action.

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Feasibility study on Cocoa Agroforestry in Peru


ECOM, an international cocoa trading company that among other countries sources from Peru, is embarking on a mission to facilitate their produces in transitioning to cocoa agroforestry. We tailored the multi-cropping planning tool that includes local species and cocoa production specifics for the trading companies field staff to use in decision making process. Moreover, the cost benefit analysis report comparing cocoa Business As Usual and agroforestry scenarios  has been  produced to document the findings and facilitate cocoa agroforestry communication with farmers, government and financial institutions.

cluster of unripe banana fruit near green plants at daytime

Banana agroforestry in Latin America

Peru, Ecuador & Costa Rica

We worked with AgroFair to model the performance of banana agroforestry compared to banana monoculture systems, to understand the benefits of cash crop diversification in terms of yields, costs-benefits, carbon sequestration and resistance to diseases. This has supported AgroFair in their ambitions to expand fair trade bananas to agroforestry.

The FarmTree Tool reports on different SDG-indicators