Arnoud Braun

Founder & CEO

Arnoud is the driving force behind FarmTree. Being an experienced organizer and networker he makes sure all boxes are ticked. A flexible team player with positive attitude and a strong sense for local customs. He grew up in Kenya and studied tropical soil science in Wageningen. 

Frank van Schoubroeck

Founder & CTO

Frank has 20+ years experience in supporting smallholder farmers to take up trees in their farm plan. With the motto "everybody can grow trees and earn", he prepared a farm planner, and now guides the IT and Advisory Team to develop the company's FarmTree Tool that fulfills the demands of farm and landscape managers.  

Modelling & IT

Irene Vinkenburg 

Chief Modeller

Irene is the software developer of the FarmTree Model. Using dynamic modeling, she translates the science into code. She has a Master in Chemistry and was retrained to become a software developer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Michel Uiterwijk 

Chief Architect

Michel is FarmTree's user system architect developing the user interface, as part of the FarmTree IT-team. Michel has 25+ years of web and app system expertise both in logistics management and in agriculture-related system development.

Roos van Haeff

Water Modeller

Roos recently graduated with a MSc student Climate Studies at Wageningen University, where she researched hydrological cycles in agroforestry systems for dynamic modelling for her thesis. She works with FarmTree partners to study water dynamics under agroforestry and implement water monitoring systems.


Tshering Choden

Agroforestry impact quantification expert

Tshering made a long personal trip from villages in her home country in Asia to a agroforestry biomass quantification expert. Her in-depth smallholder farmer knowledge combined with an academic education comes in handy for combining and interpreting literature data, and translating them into information for Agroforestry decision-support. 

Gabija Pamerneckyte

Agroforestry impact quantification expert

Gabija is FarmTree's master of data collection and documentation protocols. She works closely with field partners, retrieves relevant field data, and runs them through the FarmTree Toolbox, to come to Agroforestry impact reports, business case analyses. Gabija is presently specialising in landscape and project ex-ante impact assessment protocols.

Steffie Rijpkema 

Agroforestry impact quantification expert

Steffie is an active member of FarmTree's advisory team, presently managing some of the larger FarmTree projects, such as a project on carbon quantification in agroforestry. Steffie studied biology in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and is experienced in linking real-life smallholder needs to online platforms such as trading or financial planning tools. 

Marina Alarcón de Antón

LATAM Agroforestry impact quantification expert

Marina supports the team with project management, model development and documentation. Marina acquired an MSc in Plant Sciences at Wageningen University, specializing in smallholder farming systems of Latin America. She works with LATAM partners using the FarmTree Tool to facilitate agroforestry project planning and impact assessment.

Peter Paap

Senior Agroforestry Advisor

Peter is an agroforestry expert with experience from all over the world, but particularly in Africa. He has worked as an international consultant within the UN system on project development for agroforestry based landscape restoration for over 15 years. He has a MSc in Forestry and Environmental management.


Vasileios Daimonakos 

Intern - Model calibration

Vasilis is specialized in agriculture, soil science, agricultural chemistry, and sustainable land management. Experienced in working with GIS, soil erosion models, statistical software and in field and laboratory work. He is working on the calibration of the model with field data and enhancing the accuracy of model projections. His MSc is in International Land and Water Management.  

Ivan Miladinovic

Intern - Software Developer

Ivan has 5+ years’ experience in developing web, mobile, games and backend applications. Ivan is working on the FarmTree Tool application behind the scenes, in particular, redesigning components of the FarmTree Tool and creating prototypes of it.

Mia Beyens

Intern -  Carbon methodology & certification

Mia is currently pursuing a MSc in Biosystems Engineering and has experience in modelling farming systems, particularly focusing on biomass yield and carbon sequestration. Within FarmTree, she is working on reviewing the carbon calculation method and researching carbon certification standards to recommend a suitable certification process.