Acknowledgment of Partner's con​tributions

At FarmTree, we deeply value the collaborative relationship we share with our partners. We understand that the success of our FarmTree Tool and FarmTree Model also relies on the invaluable contributions made by our clients and partners.

While the agroforestry model's core code is developed by our team, other tool users and consultancy clients provide feedback which contributes to its development. Clients may also provide local data such as regional production, local prices, etc. This invaluable information allows us to calibrate the model to suit their unique project contexts, and ensures that our projections are tailored to the precise needs of each client's agricultural setup and local conditions.

Following FarmTree’s data management policy, all data collection activities are conducted with a prior official agreement between our company and partners. These contributions are duly acknowledged in resulting reports. FarmTree is working on a documentation system to ensure transparency and recognition of contributors in advancing our model and tool. One significant step towards this goal is the development of our online species database, that will serve as a central repository for the species and scenarios used in our modelling efforts.

As we continue to refine our online database, we remain steadfast in our commitment to transparency and collaboration with the end-users of our projection model. Together, we strive to build a more transparent and accountable ecosystem for agricultural data and modelling.

Therefore, we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed their time, expertise, and resources to enrich the functionality and accuracy of the FarmTree Tool. Your partnership is instrumental in driving innovation and progress in agriculture, and we are honoured to work alongside you.

Thank you for your unwavering support and collaboration.


Our Partners

We acknowledge the following partners for their valued contributions to the development of our database, model and tool: