Planting densities in The FarmTree Tool

Defining Planting densities for perennials

We have redefined the way planting densities are specified for perennial species in the FarmTree Tool: from % cover (before) to number of trees planted in different densities (now)

The Nr/ha determines the default maximum planting density defined for each particular species. This number can be edited by the tool user. 

The Density determines the space a number of trees occupy. For example, if a mature tree's crown diameter is 5 m, 400 trees (20 x 20 trees) cover a full ha. Denser plantation results in less biomass per tree, open plantation result in more space for intercropping. There are several planting density patterns that the user can specify for each perennial species included in the scenario:

  1. Very dense: plantation at 25% distance of the maximum tree crown diameter (e.g., in hedges)
  2. Dense: plantation at 50% distance of the maximum crown diameter (e.g., in timber plantations; thinning is recommended)
  3. Intermediate: plantation at 100% of the maximum crown diameter (e.g., coffee, cocoa, oil palm plantation)
  4. Open: planting at 125% of the maximum crown diameter (e.g., orchard plantation)
  5. Very open: planting at 200% of the maximum crown diameter (e.g., shade tree, single tree plantation) 



Backwards compatibility with previously stored scenarios

We made sure that your previously saved agroforestry scenarios can still be used in the FarmTree Tool. 


You can import your previously saved scenarios and visualize the assigned or stored cover per species (in fractions). 

Go to the FarmTree Tool and try for yourself