Landscpae-scale ex-ante impact assessments

Landscapes consist of variety of natural and human-managed systems making estimations of any activities' impacts complex. 

The FarmTree capture the Project Intervention Logic in a quantitative framework. Project intervention options in different land cover classes and scale are captured to prepare for project assessments. FarmTree analyse the economic and financial feasibility of Agroforestry-related projects. Impact projections based on project interventions like the introduction of Agroforestry or Climate Resilient Agriculture.

bird's eye view of grassland beside mountain
Landscape with different land cover classes, slopes, vegetation and managements
green plant

Quantifying the impact of a Tree Seed System Improvement Programme


ICRAF carries out a project to strengthen the tree seed supply system, providing seeds to nurseries, who in their turn supply seedlings to projects. Impact is long-term (30-50 years); so with the FarmTree® Model, FTS carried out an Impact Projection of the project that covers over 10 million hectares across Ethiopia.

landscape photography of mountain

Quantifying Baseline Farm Values in six African countries 

ICRAF / Regreening Africa
Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Niger, Senegal

The Regreening Africa project aims to plant trees in 500,000 ha, and carried out a detailed survey of 14,000 farms in seven African countries. The assignment involved the development of a Business as Usual scenario of 14,000 farms; to be compared with post-project scenarios at the project endline survey. 

Projection of country-wide Agroforestry scenario option impact

COWI / EU Delegation / Government of Rwanda
Through the consultancy firm COWI, FarmTreeServices carried out a cost-benefit analysis of approximately 1,000 Agroforestry options in 5 agro-ecological zones, linked to a GIS-map, to support Districts to plan for Government-funded Agroforestry promotion. This resulted in a website with a lookup function for District staff.