The FarmTree® Methodology

Projecting performance of multispecies plots

FarmTree provides multiple services from single species performance projections to landscape or even multinational programme level cost ex-ante performance assessments. There are several core building blocks that can be stacked to achieve the scope of the assessment that the client is looking for.

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Complex model made simple

The FarmTree® Model

 The FarmTreeTool provides context-specific, tailormade output, based on a clearly defined agro- systems. For each assignment a broad array of input data is collected to quantify the plot scenarios. The whole process involves a semi-structured 4-step working method:

● project definition
● Data collection
● Data processing & Output generation
● Reporting on outputs

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The FarmTree® Tool

est. 2021

FarmTree® Tool is the user-friendly interface making the FarmTree® Model acessible to everyone.

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FarmTree® offers a variety of products

Sometimes partners need to know likely performance of species perform on their own, rather than as a component of more complex system. To this end, species are defined in the Components of Agroforestry System (CAFS) database, and linked to the FarmTree ® Model. that generates single-species projections. Learn more.

Landscape managers tend to use the FarmTree ®  Tool to compare business as usual (BAU) and an improved systems. For example, Oil Palm, Cocoa or Coffee monoculture vs. agroforestry systems that include these commodities. FarmTree ® collaborates with experts to define BAU and high-potential systems; that are evaluated with the  FarmTree® Tool. The resulting performance time-series then are processed into feasibility studies or annexes to project proposals.

FarmTree® also analyses survey data (as tool input) and  FarmTree® Tool outputs time-series. Multiple plot runs provide a wealth of data points that often require further processing, for example into agroforestry business planning. FarmTree® staff supports partners to interpret these outputs and can provide reports with relevant graphs, tables, or presentations the partner requires. Learn more.

We prepare Agroforestry system projections for one or another practical purpose. Farm managers may prepare agroforestry business plans and want to showcase future sustainable indicators. Project designers may require economic assessment studies that landscape restoration donors require. Carbon traders may want input for carbon assessment tools. FarmTree gladly discusses with its partners the way it should process tool outcomes for practical use. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Once an agroforestry system is fully captured and its outcomes have been verified, a local tool is ready for use by local experts. Then FarmTree can provide access to the local tool. This can be as part of a system capturing exercise, or stand-alone. Learn more.